Embracing God's world

Happiness of Religious Life

Saint Therese Couderc speaks often of "the happiness of the religious life," something that is perhaps not emphasized enough today.

This is not to deny the sacrifices involved, or the difficulties when unrelated women try to create a harmonious community life.

But Cybernun realizes that she would not be who she is today were it not for her vocation to religious life.  She is very grateful for this fact — and sincerely hopes her community is too.


Why do we enter religious life?
(from The Fire in These Ashes, by Sister Joan Chittister, OSB

Why Do We Gather?
Religious Community and the Transforming Journey
by Sister Rose Hoover, rc


Reflections on Religious Life
by Cybernun may be found at her blog, "Caught Up in God"

Our Lady of the Cenacle by d"Agliano

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